Residential Electric

Need to Fix an Electrical Problem in Your Home?

Need to Fix an Electrical Problem in Your Home?

Hire our master electricians to take care of it

Are you experiencing problems with your electrical system in Haughton, LA? Then have Wood Electric come and take a look. Our team of electricians can fix and repair even the toughest electrical problems.

You can count on us to fix issues like:

  • Outlets that are broken or sparking
  • Lights that are always flickering
  • Appliances tripping your circuit breaker
  • Lightbulbs constantly burning out

Are you noticing issues like these in your house? Get in touch with us now for prompt and professional repairs.

Electrical systems are complex-an issue with even the tiniest part can bring down your entire property's power. That's why our electricians are able to work on any component in order to fix it properly. No matter how big or small the part, our electricians will give it the attention it deserves.

We can check your circuits, panels and breakers for any broad issues with your system. From there, we'll look at your switches and outlets to see if they're the root of the problem. Once we've found the issue, we'll let you know and go over our plan of action.

Make sure your system gets the help it needs by scheduling a repair service with us today.